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Juicing Countdown Calendar

  • Sale Price: $28.99
This Countdown Calendar is a great tool to aid in your Juicing Journey!  Whether you are Juicing for 92 or 100 Days this tear pad calendar starts at Day Zero and counts up to the final goal you set up to 100 Days! 

The dimensions of the calendar are 8.5"W by 5.5"H and it has a cardboard stand attached to the back to enable you to stand it up to keep you focused on your goal of better health through the power of Juicing!  Printed on Recycled Paper- in the USA.

This Calendar empowers you to stay strong with a clear focus on your goal, and to reminds you of how far you've come toward your Juicing goal. 

We are proud to say that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these calendars will be donated to Juice Feasting.com/David Rainoshek~ for his tireless efforts and ongoing research for the better health of us all.
Juicing Countdown Calendar