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Energy Band

  • Sale Price: $30.95

Our Flex Reversible Pure Energy Band features 2 embedded hologram discs set in a soft silicone band. It performs identically to the Duo Band but has a more flexible, thinner band. Comfortable and light enough to wear all day. Safe to wear in water. Available in an assortment of color options and sizes.

Pure Energy Band uses a new technology using hologram discs that are embedded with frequencies which may help to:

  • Improve Balance
  • Increase Strength
  • Prolong Endurance
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Enhance Energy Flow

The hologram discs in Pure Energy Bands are embedded with a range of frequencies that communicate with the meridians of your body and may help promote a more balanced, rhythmic and healthy body.

The Pure Energy Flex Band is offered in 4 sizes, XS (6.1"), S (6.8"), M (7.8") and L (8.8"). 60% of users wear a size Medium (7.8"). Only people with oversized wrists should order a large 8.8" band. The 6.1" is perfect for kids or people with very thin wrists. Safe to wear in the shower or swimming.

Energy Band
black/red black/red
black/black black/black
black/white black/white
clear white/white clear white/white
clear white/pink clear white/pink
black/green black/green
blue/orange blue/orange
navy/white navy/white
pearl white/white pearl white/white
black/purple black/purple
black/orange black/orange
black/yellow black/yellow
glow in the dark glow in the dark