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Energy Weight Loss Band

  • Sale Price: $35.95

Introducing our exclusive Pure Energy Weight Loss + Energy Band!

The green and silver colored hologram discs are embedded with Pure Energy's custom range of natural frequencies believed to resonate through the body and promote a healthier well being. The Weight Loss + Energy Band may help to:
  • Enhance energy flow
  • Decrease appetite
  • Balance metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Balance hormones
  • Promote positive emotions

Wear the Pure Energy Weight Loss + Energy Band as part of your daily routine for healthy living combined with diet and exercise for optimum results.
  • Natural and Safe
  • No Diet Pills or Laxatives

For optimal results, we recommend keeping yourself well hydrated while using this product and limiting food intake to a minimal level within 90 minutes of going to bed. The band can be worn 24 hours a day but can be removed when sleeping if more comfortable to the user. It is waterproof and does not contain any metals.

Maximum weight loss requires eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Any results will show in your appearance, fitness levels and overall health. Consult your physician or health care provider to design a custom tailored weight loss plan.

The Pure Energy Weight Loss + Energy Band is offered in 3 sizes, S (6.8"), M (7.8") and L (8.8"). 60% of users wear a size Medium (7.8"). Only people with oversized wrists should order a large 8.8" band. Safe to wear in the shower or swimming. Contains no metals.
Energy Weight Loss Band