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Chlorella Tablets 1000 Tabs

  • Sale Price: $34.99


Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a 4 billion year old strain of green algae, making it one of the oldest foods on the planet. Chlorella is thought to be the most thoroughly researched food in history and is recognized as having the highest chlorophyll content of all known plants. It is a fresh water, single-cell green algae that is renowned for its health giving properties such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) and other beneficial nutrients. Our Chlorella is produced in Asia by the world's largest producers of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. This algae has been utilized for thousands of generations, which insures the integrity of the strain's purity will stay intact without degenerating. Many other producers of Chlorella do not pay close enough attention to their strains and experience "drift" in the purity of their algae. This problem is very much overlooked by many algae producers worldwide.

Chlorella gets its name from the high amounts of chlorophyll it possesses, the highest of any plant known. Chlorophyll cells are nearly identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells) with one exception: Chlorophyll has a Magnesium molecule at that center of it; hemoglobin has an Iron molecule at the center of it. This is important because Magnesium is essential for the heart to function properly. Every time our heart beats, it is utilizing magnesium to do so. Chlorella contains enzymes such as chlorophyllase and pepsin, which are digestive enzymes. Enzymes perform a myriad of functions in the body. In fact, you can not even blink without the presence of enzymes. Chlorella has many different types of enzymes that our bodies need. It is essential that any algae you take is NOT freeze-dried or pasteurized. If it is, then you have lost the crucial benefit of enzymes such as these.

Chlorella's indigestible cell wall needs to be ruptured to allow access to its nutrients and a variety of methods are used by other companies, some of which damage the nutrients. The method used by our Chlorella Producer ensures the highest quality, which is confirmed by an annual independent analysis by the Japan Food Research Laboratory. Japan is the only country that has strict standards and importation controls over heavy metals and bacterial content in Chlorella. The digestibility of our Chlorella is confirmed by the Japan Government's Ministry of Health to be between 76% and 79%, the highest on the market. Most brands claim to have broken the Chlorella cell wall so its nutrients can be adsorbed by the body. Our Chlorella was analyzed by Dr L. Lewis, Doctor of Physiology at Duke University in 1992. Using a Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), two samples of Chlorella were examined, ours and a competitor's brand. Both were deemed to be free of contamination, however, our Chlorella was the only one to demonstrate that the cell wall had been broken in the SEM examination. The cell wall of our competitor's Chlorella had collapsed but remained unbroken and was only 40% digestible.

Most producers use a "continuous-harvest" method drawing quantities of raw algae from the growing ponds as required. This method is certainly economically efficient, but it also presents a very real risk of breeding competing toxic organisms and bacteria. In the manufacturing of Chlorella, a complex separation system is used with micro-filter centrifuges allowing them to separate the cells without the use of chemicals.

Recommended Daily Dosage 
Maintenance Dosage: 3-5 grams/day 
Significant Part of the Diet: 6-10 grams/day 
Primary Source of Protein: 12-19 grams/day 
Best before a meal to aid with digestion.

Chlorella Tablets 1000 Tabs