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Personal Stories - Deni

My name is Deni and I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2008 but had carried the disease for about 8 years prior. In 2006, then I was told I would not live for more than 5 years due to breast cancer if I did not have a biopsy immediately and have the lump removed, this was said by 2 different doctors (as of 2010 I am still here!).


Sure enough, in less than 2 years the lump multiplied until I had 4 lumps and the original one was attached to my lymph nodes.  Like many Lyme patients my journey began with only treating the symptoms (and many co-infections) not knowing the real issue was Lyme disease. Being an active, healthy eating, young person I found it hard to take prescription medication for pain, sleeping, inflammation, nausea, acid reflux (GERD), neurological problems, let alone being treated for breast cancer, I refused them all, for they were only treating the symptoms and not the Real Issue or the Root problem. As the symptoms grew worse – bed-ridden due to physical pain, immune problems, an enlarged liver, the inability to climb stairs, violent retching, and now facing a breast cancer death sentence I knew my body was in red alert. I knew I was dying, and I had to take control and fast or I wasn’t going to live. Feeling like I had very little options, in 2009 I tried antibiotics and almost died twice that year due to my liver. My next option was getting the PICC line to the heart for IV Antibiotics 1-3 months with no guarantee.

So I started my quest…for natural healing.  The ol’ saying You Are What You Eat… is so very true.  If your body has been built on a good foundation, disease will find it hard to thrive in your body but most of us have been eating a SAD (Standard American Diet), which causes the body to be acidic. No matter what Illness or Disease you are faced with it cannot live in a healthy alkaline body, disease thrives in an acidic body.  To Alkaline your body remember to get plenty of sun, oxygen and organic live green foods! At the end of 2008 I started eating raw foods and some Lyme symptoms got better I even got rid of 3 breast lumps by eating raw food. But I still felt out of balance (like my body was just not working correctly).

It was not until I Juice feasted did I see a real shift.

Symptoms before Juice Feasting
Acid Reflux (GERD) Leaky Gut Syndrome
Enlarged Liver Hypothyroidism
Adrenal Depletion Hyatial Hernia
Pain in Joints Severe Muscle Pain
Ringing in Ears/Ear pain Upper GI Inflammation
Bloating/Weight Gain Painful Feet (walk with a cane)
Chemical Sensitivity Sensitive to Light/Sound
Violent Retching Vomiting
Neurological Problems Brain Fog
Low levels of Vitamin D Low Oxygen Blood Level
Rashes Blisters on calp
Severe Fatigue Nausea
Flu like symptoms Disorientation
Twitching Muscles Chest Pain/Heart Palpitations
Swollen Glands Skin sensitivity
Headache Slow Digestion
Extreme Weakness  

When most people see the before and after pictures they see weight loss… I don’t, I see pain, I see a body struggling to exist. I started Juice Feasting, feeding my body 10-12 pounds of fruit and veggies a day for 92 days and got back a better foundation for better health and a better life!

Three Months later: After Juice Feasting
Acid Reflux (GERD) GONE Leaky Gut Syndrome GONE
Enlarged Liver Improved Hypothyroidism Improved
Adrenal Depletion GONE Hyatial Hernia Improved
Pain in Joints GONE Severe Muscle Pain GONE
Ringing in Ears/Ear pain GONE Upper GI Inflammation Improved
Bloating/Weight Gain Improved Painful Feet GONE
Chemical Sensitivity Improved Sensitive to Light/Sound GONE
Violent Retching GONE Vomiting GONE
Neurological Problems Improved Brain Fog Improved
Low levels of Vitamin D GONE Low Oxygen Blood Level Improved
Rashes GONE Blisters on Scalp GONE
Severe Fatigue Improved Nausea GONE
Flu like symptoms GONE Disorientation GONE
Twitching Muscles GONE Chest Pain/Heart Palpitations GONE
Swollen Glands Improved Skin sensitivity GONE
Headache GONE Slow Digestion Improved
Extreme Weakness GONE  

As you can see from the improvements listed above, Juice Feasting has made a huge impact on my overall health! I highly recommend Juice feasting (only consuming juice for more than 30 days) it has a way to reset your body chemistry therefore setting the stage to build an optimal foundation for better health. Everybody I know can benefit from just 1 juice a day but if you are sick; Juice feast for as long as you can, 92 days if possible (go to www.juicefeasting.com for more details), don’t eat processed foods, refined sugar, dairy, meat and especially avoid alcohol. I put the challenge out there to you… How Serious are you about getting better? You cannot do the same things and expect different results.

My healing continues, today October 2010 I am breast lump free now… and most of my symptoms from Lyme disease are gone, as long as I eat mostly raw foods and juice. It is all work in progress and I continue to work towards the best ME possible- I Will prevail and so can you. 

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