Tools for Healing

Here are some of my favorite Tools that I have used for healing and some I still use today. Most of these items you can find in our store or we will tell you how to get them.

I believe that when dealing with a problem of this magnitude one tool won’t fix things, but rather it is most beneficial to tackle any disease from all angles and use as many resources that are available to you. As you heal you will need to adjust to your body’s new needs and challenges.  Lyme disease is very tricky and seems to adjust and make itself comfortable in your body- keep after it.

LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE TO TOXINS- (Everything… this means try not to use household chemicals, eat processed foods, use hair sprays/cosmetic goops, heavy metals, etc. especially during your healing phase)

  • Diet

    whole organic foodsOne of the most Important tools in your Life! Whole, organic natural pure uncooked food is your best tool to help you build the strongest YOU possible. Just take a look at what you eat in a day… how much of it was food in its natural state? In the early stages of my illness I was eating what I thought was a healthy vegetarian diet. As the severity of the disease grew I started looking for alternative options. In the sixth year of my illness I went to the Healing Light Center in Colorado where I was exposed to Raw food. (Food that is not cooked above 115 degrees and no meat or dairy.) For the next two years I transitioned to raw foods. The first year 80% raw 20% non-raw and the second year was 100% raw food. For me I noticed that processed food and sugars caused my feet to be so painful that I had to walk with a cane. Only when I went to raw foods/juicing did the terrible pain in my feet go away completely. I am hooked ~ I LOVE raw food and best of all I KNOW I am doing the best I can for my body to heal and thrive! Still not convinced? Check out David Rainoshek will provide you with overwhelming documentation on why this is so important to your longevity.

  • Juice Feasting

    Juice FeastingIn the final years of my illness I began a Juice Feast, which entails drinking only juice for 92 days to allow the body to reset itself (at this point the less my liver had to deal with the better off I was). By shifting to juicing my body was forced to reset itself. I highly recommend Juice feasting before you do anything else. What juice feasting did for me personally: since my body didn’t have to work to digest food for the 92 days, this time gave my body a chance to actually fight the Lyme disease- do some ‘housekeeping’ if you will. Because I was juicing close to ten pounds of dense nutrients every day it was impossible for my body not to respond. I can’t say enough about the benefits of Juice Feasting. It has been the single most important tool in my healing.

    Why are people who juice so crazy about it??? I will tell you why… Because it WORKS! That is why they always incorporate juicing into their life after they heal. Juicing makes me feel good- I juice every day and so does my husband and he is super healthy. Our bodies respond to all of the life force energy that comes from juice.

    For more information on Juice Feasting, please visit

  • Lotus Food Sanitizer

    Lotus Food SanitizerLet’s face it if you have any disease, you have to lessen your toxic load coming in, it’s that simple. Even if you are not fighting a disease the amount of toxins that we unknowingly consume daily is incredible. This Lotus machine is simple and easy to use; basically it ozonates your food to kill bacteria, chemicals, parasites, viruses, and pesticides making your food 99.99% free of toxins. All of our produce even though it is organic, goes through our Lotus machine; I even run my nut milk bags through the machine once a week. More info

  • Household Cleaner(s)

    household cleanersThe spray bottle that comes with the Lotus Home Sanitizing kit can be used to clean your household safer than any commercial chemical cleaner. We use it for our windows, counters, bathrooms and the best thing of all… It IS all non-toxic! I LOVE it! More info

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